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The 3 Hidden Doors To Natural Attraction

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Discover the Three Secret Structures in our Mind, which determine the underlying preferences concerning Dating, Intimate Relationships and Sex!

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You are already Sexy! Your developed Skills and Properties are already a spectrum of sexy attributes, which naturally attract a certain group of people – and also your Dream Partner!


Let me show you with FlirtFlow
How To Revolutionize Your Way of Flirting!
Your Way to Success, Happiness & Deep Connection


From own experience I know how difficult the way to a fulfilling relationship or to a successful flirt can appear sometimes – a way full of obstacles…


“I’ll speak to her! – And what am I going to say?!”
“She is beautiful! – Ah, and there’s a guy next to her…”
“Should I kiss her now? – Maybe I wait for a better moment…”
“I tell her what she means to me! – Or do I risk to much?!”

Sure you know there situations when you want it to move forward – but again the way is full of obstacles.


Instead of following your instinct and to get active, you find countless reasons, escuses and obstacles to stay inactive. After collecting sufficient proof, you notice that the proofs aren’t real. You notice that there’s only one obstacle: YourSelf!


You are standing in your Way and you are making it unnecessarily hard. Flirting is easy – but you can make it complicated by listening to your criticizing inner voice.


Let me show you with FlirtFlow how you don’t limit yourself by using your inner conflicts to align your subconscious with your conscious will – so you can enjoy Your Way of Life with confidence!

Why do i make it unnecessarily hard?


Probably you already noticed that your (flirt-)potential is limited by your inner conflicts…

Nobody can concentrate on the conversation when your inner voice is screaming in the background of your head! Flirting becomes stressfull – and that’s definetly not sexy…

“I want! – But it doesn’t work…”

One side of you is highly motivated and wants to take Action! But another side seems to have a problem with that… Apparently the stakes are high for your subconscious and it directly reacts with defense mechanisms like thoughs of escape, excuses and fear. 

You are fighting against Yourself… and most of the time your subconsciousness wins the fight. Therefore, we often blame ourselves. The result is too often a poor self-image, which eventually can lead to depression and self-hate. I can’t do this. I am not enough. I am ashamed for myself. I am a looser.

One more step in the vicious circle. In this situation even the usual “how to behave with women” pick up tipps are not helpful – and even counterproductive and limiting, if it’s against your inner life…

Your chaos of thoughs is reflecting in your (body) language and your social effect is unconsciously repulsive…

Noone wants to have even more problems or uncertainty in life! That’s why it’s totally unattractive…


How do I become a Master of Seduction?


Sexy is just the opposite – also called authenticity, congruence or charisma.
You know what you want – and obstacles are becoming challenges!

Without inner conflicts your subconsciousness works for you. Instead of self-doubts, you are unconsciously deciding to act – in Statt Selbstzweifel, entscheidest Du unbewusst zu handeln – in accordance to your values, opinions and needs! That’s Sexy!

Without inner conflicts, your thoughts, actions and emotions are aligned and you are automatically and unconsciously sending sexy signals!

Therefore it is crucial for a sexy impression to be congruent, instead of just copying some pick up techniques. Align your subconsciousness with your consciousness to have an charismatic appearance which radiates security instead of insecurity!

That’s personal development in flow – sexy!

How can the FlirtFlow-Method support me?


Personal (flirt) development is individual.

Your way adapts to your personality, your personal strengths and your deficits – therefore there are easy and hard ways you can choose! 

According to the personality, everyone is approaching enjoyment differently and therefore the strategies to get into the FlowState differ. If you consciously use your unconscious patterns, you can unchain your inner power – like that it’s easy to unleash your full potential!

The FlirtFlow-Method is adapting the order of the essential development steps to your personal strenghts and shows you an easy way to your individual sex appeal!

In total there are three different development directions. The ways are fundamentally distinct – because the strength of one type is the deficit of another type.

Which way is for you? The way of the Thinker, the way of the Doer or the way of the Emotional?

The strength-orientated coaching is then using your cognitive, practical or emotional intelligence to instantly celebrate the first successful results.



The FlirtFlow-Method combines and arranges the practical wisdom of several psychological approaches. Depending on the personality type and the topic at hand, the method is choosing the most helpful technique from systemical psychology, neurolinguistic programming, self-hypnosis or other solution-focused tools. Therefore, you have a tool for every possible topic right at hand – and change is perceived as easy.

Like this you learn the essentials for your development without booking time-consuming and cost-intensive seminars.

You learn how to activate your unconscious competences by yourself – and your subconscious will motivate you instead of holding you back!

Furthermore, the individual adaptation is ensuring that your newly developed competences are integrated deeply, so that your flirt success will last for the rest of your life!

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Jan Düchting


The vision of FlirtFlow is a world without self-limitation. A world, in which all live in peace with themselves and with their environment! Growing together.